About The Hangar

Our Philosophy

In April 2022, we decided we needed a hangout made for the locals.

Nestled in the valley of Oceanside, The Hangar 76 is a hidden gem for winos and beer enthusiasts alike.

We take pride in our location which is off the beaten path for most, but the perfect spot for our unique hangout. Our philosophy is family; both Carruth Cellars, and Tipping Pint Brewing are family-owned and operated, and we strive to be just as family-oriented in our space. 

Whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur, an experienced sommelier, or looking for a new place where you can bring the kiddos and socialize with friends, we invite you to explore our relaxed atmosphere.

We’re not just a bar; we’re a family-friendly destination where all ages can come together to enjoy amazing beer, award winning wine and great company.

 Cheers to making memories with family and friends!

Carruth Cellars

Carruth Cellars has been “bringing grapes to the people” since 2014 when Adam Carruth’s first Tasting Room opened in Solana Beach.

Since then, it has grown tremendously and opened 4 locations, with the production facility now being at The Hangar 76!

Carruth Cellar sources their grapes from Northern California, and soon as the grapes are harvested, they are loaded into trucks and transported to Oceanside.

They do all wine production (destemming, crushing, fermenting, aging, and bottling) at The Hangar 76 production facility, and then the wines are enjoyed all around San Diego.

Check out the Carruth Cellars website to see their other locations or book a production tour!

Tipping Pint

Tipping Pint Brewing opened its first brewing facility and tap room in 2022 inside of The Hangar 76.

The head brewer and owner, Adam Jester, has been brewing in San Diego since the 1980s starting at home with his father.

In 2013 he become the assistant brewer at Pizza Port Carlsbad and head brewer for Pizza Port Solana Beach shortly after.

Tipping Pint is known for its IPAs as well as crowd favorite dry drinkable beers.

Tipping Pint is soon to open their next tap room in Carlsbad Village! 

Check out their website to stay up to date on their new location!